Find out how Europcar increased sales conversion by 167% by tracking the customer journey in real time.

Bridging the data gap caused by a customer moving their journey onto the phone doesn’t just benefit salespeople. Anyone who works in CRM has an opportunity to gather entirely new data on the customer journey.

Europcar were frustrated by the lack of visibility on the performance of their various partnership and affiliate deals. Without a clear view on the statistical results from calls referred by these affiliates, they were unable to compare each channel’s relative performance. Management were left without the data required to convince the executive level of the business to place budget behind large-scale changes.

A full, 360 degree view of your customer journey

Europcar’s main objective when implementing the Customer360 technology was to analyse their entire customer journey from beginning to end, so that they could spot the point at which potentially valuable customers were being lost. Confusingly, they had noticed a plateau in revenue despite upping the spend on lead generation to major branches.

Integrating the Customer360 platform allowed them to view the results of calls from online visits, highlighting that despite more leads being delivered to their biggest branch, the conversion rate of the sales team on the phones at this branch was lower than the conversion rate at smaller branches. Integrating ‘best practices’ from their highest-performing salespeople as standard practice at the largest branch eventually lead to a significant increase in conversion – rising from 12% to 32% month-on-month.

Increase conversion

By using Customer360 to analyse the customer’s journey in real time, Europcar discovered that one particular source was causing many of the salespeople to spend an extra 10-20 minutes of call time negotiating with the prospective customer about the vehicle they were looking for and the pricing structure. The Customer360 categorisation identified one particular lead generation source that was passing customers who had not been through the initial vetting, and once this issue was rectified, cost per acquisition was significantly reduced.

The ability for Customer360 to record calls end-to-end but also create automated reporting on all aspects of the customer journey can be of huge benefit to any business that deals with customers on a large scale. Trends, patterns and other minutiae can be identified by Customer360’s artificial intelligence and analytics software without the need to listen to hours and hours of phone conversations. The AI can also judge customer behaviour, and reactions to being presented with different types of information about your business, empowering to you build more accurate profiles of your target market without missing out the customers who transact over the phone.