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We integrate seamlessly into multiple platforms

CRM Integrations

The Customer360 suite integrates into a wide range of CRM systems to provide a full end to end, 360 degree view of the sales funnel.

We integrate with all your favourite marketing platforms

Customer360 is also fully compatible with hundreds of marketing platforms to provide you with critical insight and business performance metrics.

“We set the goal of having true visibility from origin of the lead through to final customer invoice. And it delivered.”

Alastair Donson Performance Manager, Dyno/Centrica

Questions we answer:

Instantly see which keywords are responsible for calls, as well as the sources, and web pages that played a role. Each anonymous visitor is tracked, including traffic source, keyword and user journey to track the source and customer journey of each call.

Customer360 uses A.I. to analyse large data sets in seconds, automatically allocating the outcome of calls into multiple segments that enable you to attribute conversions you drive over the phone and online back to your media spend.

Click data, site visitor data, call data and CRM data are all unified in one view automatically. This enables faster discoveries into how your strategy can be improved, delivering more insights without manual processes or guesswork.

With our ability to integrate into CRM systems, we can link final invoice values back to the specific ads that drove the sale – so you can identify LTV and spend in the areas that you know will generate long term sales revenue.

With automatic call outcome categorisation you can see instantly which keywords are driving calls that lead nowhere and optimise spend into keywords that drive sales.

Our A.I. solution automatically records, transcribes and categorises every customer call, to show you the source, the ad and the outcome.

Get insight on the customers you convert and also those you don’t. With Customer360 every call is automatically transcribed and then analysed with powerful AI to categorise the intent, outcome and sentiment of each call based on the conversation. Analyse every call without having to listen to it and make marketing or operational changes accordingly.

Discover how your team or branches are performing across multiple sites at the click of a button, analyse their inbound call interactions for powerful performance insights and operational efficiency opportunities.

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Find out how Europcar increased sales conversion by 167% by tracking the customer journey in real time.

Discover how Red Driving School generated incremental revenue from Google My Business.

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