How did Customer360 help Dyno massively reduce their CPA and increase ROI?

Part of the multi-billion pound Centrica Group, Dyno are one of the UK’s largest nationwide emergency drainage and plumbing companies made up of over 45 franchisee businesses, over 900 skilled engineers, plus local support teams.

The Problem

They had been running a nationwide campaign focussing on creating sales leads with a local PPC strategy, but like all companies relying solely on Google Analytics (GA), the data they used to decide where to spend on PPC was ending the moment a sales lead led to the customer picking up the phone to complete the sale. They knew a lot of their PPC spend was driving calls and revenue, but they couldn’t link it to specific keywords and therefore where to increase or decrease spend.

The Solution

Customer360’s automatic call categorisation and keyword analysis solved this problem, allowing them to automatically link the outcome of customer phone conversations with the precise keyword they were bidding on in Google Ads to generate that lead.

This meant that they could directly attribute which keywords were driving the highest volume of leads, the largest average invoice values and the strongest conversion.

They could see which keywords drove the highest quality of customer and of equal importance – which ones performed the worst. For example some of their marketing spend was being spent on keywords that drove customer service calls which can be generated for free from their website.

The Results

The results were huge. With the new sales lead attribution data from Customer360, Dyno now had concrete evidence to make spending decisions on their bidding strategy. They were able to reduce spend on poorly performing keywords and re-deploy that into high performing ones, reducing their cost per acquisition of sales leads dramatically.

“We started working with Customer360 and got great results. The performance insight they provide us and our franchisees in real-time we couldn’t get from any other system. Full visibility from origin of the lead through to final customer review. And it can deliver.”

Alastair Donson Franchise Performance Manager, Dyno-Rod/Centrica