Ways of customizing your knowledge base

Good customer service is the key to developing brand awareness and customer loyalty. One effective way of providing real-time customer service is by creating a comprehensive knowledge base. A knowledge base assists in providing the right information to customers at the right time. The efficiency of a knowledge base can be tested by inspecting the amount of customer engagement it is driving. Customization can help you in influencing more customers to visit your knowledge base.

A few tips for customizing your knowledge base are given below.

Real-time knowledge sharing: A unique knowledge base that is fully responsive on any device adds a new dimension to the concept of self-service. It should have features that will enable customers to get prompt responses to their queries.

Relevance and segregation: It is important to realize that customers are the prime stakeholders of any business. A customer’s time is valuable. So, don’t waste it. The information available on the knowledge base should be accurate and relevant. At the same time, the support articles should be categorized to facilitate improved searching.

Engagement: Leaving ample room for exploration will result in developing the customer’s interest. Introduce hyperlinks to allow your customers to learn more. Share personal experiences and customer stories to make your knowledge base more interactive.

Media: Visual communication elements always add more impact to the overall customer experience. The learning process can be made more delightful for customers by adding videos or images to your support articles. Businesses should try to use different communication techniques to touch upon the emotional side of customers and drive more engagement.

Encourage collaboration: Provide your customers with opportunities to interact with each other and find solutions. This has dual benefits. Firstly, it makes customers aware of the fact that the brand is really popular and the first choice for a lot of customers Secondly, it saves time for the customer service team. Solutions to frequent problems can be added in the FAQ pages along with text as well as graphic illustrations.

Informative: A knowledge base must definitely carry all the information relating to the company’s products and services. Adding updates about emerging trends or service strategies is also very useful for customer engagement. For instance, a financial solutions provider can illustrate recent stock market figures and or coping tips on their knowledge base.

Customization: A useful feature that should be used for enhancing your knowledge base is adding customizations suggested by customers. Let’s take an example of Gmail. Gmail offers several customizable themes to its users. Creating a personalized knowledge base will make it more appealing.

SEO friendly: Awareness is very important for any business. After all, your knowledge base should not be just a leisure venture. Companies should make sure that the knowledge base contains SEO friendly keywords. SEO worded content will make it much easier for your customers to find relevant articles and solutions.

Humour: In a social context, humour makes most people react to information regardless of their beliefs, social status or cultural differences. Humour combined with pun can easily pave the way for a good article.

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