Why growing companies need to focus on self-service

A company witnesses development at various stages. The ones that have been most commonly are the initiation stage, the growing stage, the boom/decline. At the end of these stages, the company either establishes itself in the market and creates an identity for itself, or is disappears into oblivion, failed and forgotten. The fate of the company is thus dependent on the decisions it makes while it is in the growth stage.

One of the identifiers of a successful company is that it focuses its energy on meaningful and productive things and minimizes the time spent on unhelpful things. This, in turn results in motivated employees, since they feel that the company values their time.

In all businesses, customer care is one aspect that demands a very high amount of time, energy and revenue. Companies first spend millions in setting up the infrastructure of the support centre and then they start holding intensive recruitment drives. Since each agent is responsible for interacting one-on-one with the customers, there is no room for incompetence. Thus, intensive team training sessions are mandatory. Also, gaining all the product knowledge in a short time can be a daunting task for the agents. For companies that are experiencing expanding growth, the capital would probably be low. They will need to spend more time on identifying ways of stabilizing themselves and securing a strong customer base.

Fortunately, for growing businesses, the concept of self-service websites can dodge the above troubles altogether or at least minimize them. Though setting up a comprehensive self-service site requires an initial investment, the end result will be extremely useful and rewarding. Creating an efficient self-service portal will save time, resources and revenue for growing businesses. A good self-service site will have a vast knowledge base, FAQ page, community forum, etc. where customers can find solutions to their problems without being dependent on the company. It would greatly reduce the number of customers that get agitated due to high response time.

This will also provide a growing company with the opportunity to utilize its resources and time on improving customer experience. Establishing a customer support centre cannot be avoided but a good self-service site will reduce the hiring costs and time spent on training programs. Also, agents will be more productive because the number of similar queries will be reduced greatly.

An efficient self-service portal will help your business in standing apart from competitors. Companies that invest a good amount of time and money in such websites will see long-term benefits and will be equipped to appeal to the tech-savvy generation.

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