Six tips for enhancing agent experience

Is good employee experience over rated? Why do some companies stress so much on the importance of creating employee happiness? Because employees are a company’s greatest asset. The success and excellence of every business depends on the happiness of its employees.

A job should be such that it contributes to your happiness. Since we spend majority of our day at our work place, it is necessary to be satisfied with our job responsibilities.

In order to deliver better customer service, you need to hire talented individuals and get the maximum out of them. Good agent experience can be achieved through the following steps.

Decision-making power

Allow your agents to make decisions without your support and also motivate them to come up with innovative ideas. This will make them feel acknowledged and inspire them to provide better support.

Team building activities

A business can increase the overall progress of it support team by involving them in effective team building activities. To achieve this, it is important to create a stress free work atmosphere. A good team building activity will help in fostering the right spirit amongst your agents.

Provide recognition and rewards

Always recognize and acknowledge your high performing support agents. Show them some appreciation by offering performance based awards and incentives.

Provide opportunities

Do not just offer a job, but a career. Offer growth opportunities to your agents to help them enhance their professional skills. It is also necessary for a business to expose its agents to different fields such as client conferences, product training, etc. Promotional opportunities will also help in keeping agents relatively satisfied. Also, make it a point to share organizational objective with your agents.

Make communication seamless

Combine different communication channels in one single system. By integrating different communication mediums such as mobile, emails, social media, chats, calls into one support centre, you will be enabling your support agents to deal with customer requests efficiently.

Provide a single view of the customer

Agents need to have a clear and comprehensive view of customers to attend to their queries as quickly as possible. When customer data is readily available, agents will be able to gain better control over the entire support process thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Hence, apart from providing job satisfaction, it is necessary for a business to motivate the team at every stage. This helps the support agents to render better and effective services.

If your support agents don’t feel valued, neither will your customers. So, always make sure that all your employees are happy, contented and satisfied.

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