How to deal with crisis on social media

The field of social media has been booming and growing at a rapid rate. Most businesses have been using social media platforms to their advantage for increasing customer engagement and raising brand awareness.

As the number of active customers on online channels is increasing indefinitely, social support has become an unavoidable aspect of the customer service process. Companies should make use of social media sites strategically for addressing customer issues and increasing the level of satisfaction.

This post provides some tips on how a business can deal with crisis on social media.

Prevention is better than cure

Design an effective social media strategy that primarily focuses on providing social support. Along with using social media sites as a tool for marketing, it is equally important to be available for your customers who are facing an issue. Keep your customers informed about product related information and updates. Estimate possible problems by carefully analyzing the content on all your social media accounts. Brainstorm relevant solutions and share them with your social customers to resolve an issue before it happens.

Quick responses

Social media aggression and appreciation is available for public view. Ignoring a social customer or being unresponsive can be disastrous. Customer issues on social media need to be resolved immediately. The sooner you respond, the more you will be safeguarding your business reputation. It is important to rectify your mistakes at the earliest and provide alternative solutions to unhappy customers. This will prevent the formation of a negative impression about your brand  amongst customers.

Respond to negative feedback

When customers are dissatisfied with your service, they will feel encouraged to leave negative comments or feedback on social media sites. Do not feel defeated when this happens. Every business has had to deal with social criticism at some point. However, it can never be wise to delete such comments or customer feedback. That will only increase their aggression. Instead, respond to criticism and make your best effort for turning angry customers into happy ones. Negative feedback must be perceived as an opportunity to grow.

Honesty is the key

It is natural for a business to make mistakes some times. Rather than hiding a service failure, a better decision would be to apologize and rectify the mistake. When you are in the middle of a social media crisis, respond to the customer’s questions with honesty. A company that fails to keep its promises will be remembered by customers all too well. It can also bring an unfavourable change in the perception they have about your brand. Hence, make sure that you never offer any kind of false claims or incomplete information to any of your customers.

Use it as a learning experience

It will be impossible to learn and grow without making errors. Do not feel let down by deleterious comments. Customer feedback, whether positive or negative must be constructively used for enhancing the product/service. Make notes of comments, reviews, messages and other forms of social media content. Carefully analyze this data to understand customer problems and design solutions to prevent such issues in the future. This will help you in successfully meeting the expectations of your social customers.

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