Seven tips to manage customer support criticism on social media

Not every product or service of a company will go down well with all its customers. A company has to be ready to face both appreciation and criticism. Especially the criticism, since it can range from mild to aggressive. You will come across customers who will politely, point out your faults as well as the ones who will rant at you. The company and its employees have to learn how to handle both, efficiently and effectively. Especially with the advent of social media, where people can influence a large number of people with their opinions, it is very important that things be dealt with carefully. Here are some tips on how you can take care of customer criticism on social networking sites:

Keep calm

Always remember, no matter how aggravated your customer’s comment may sound, your reply has to be calm and composed. You have to be careful that you do not come across as arrogant when interacting with your customers on social media sites. Taking a defensive stance will only instigate the customer to get more aggressive; meaning more negative publicity for your brand.

Never argue

‘The customer is always right.’ This adage stands to be quite true for all customer support agents. Never blame a customer; especially on a social media platform where any number of people can see your interaction. Even if it’s not your fault, be polite, and guide your customer instead of being defensive.

Respond to all

Do not differentiate between your customers. Make sure you respond to each and every customer comment. If you can help the customer immediately, do so. If you need more time to solve the customer’s issue, try and explain why you need some more time and commit a time by when you will have a solution ready.

Acting ASAP

Good customer support is always evaluated by the rate at which it fixes the customers’ issues. The world of social media is a fast paced one. If your customers have posted their queries there, it means they are expecting an immediate response. The more time you take to respond to your customers, the more easily you lose them.

Be Sincere

Make sure that when you comment on a customer’s post, it sounds sincere. The world of social media is a casual one wherein your customers can be a part of your ‘friend list’. Build a rapport with your customers through regular posts and comments and let them know that they are important to you.

Accept mistakes

As mentioned above taking a defensive stance on social media hardly ever works in your favour. Respond to your customers by saying that you accept your mistake and that you will try to rectify it as soon as possible.  It is important that your customers realise that you are there you help them.

Mend it

Remember, when you know it’s your fault and you apologize for the slip up, it goes without saying that you have to put it right. Fix your customers’ problems and assure them that you will take all the necessary measures to make sure that it does not occur again. Take proactive measures to help your customers. Update your customers about the new developments through regular posts and comments.

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