Service excellence: The hidden driver of customer loyalty

In the present competitive market, there are multiple businesses that offer the same kind of product at varying prices. Naturally, customers have a lot of options to choose from. Service excellence is one factor that can help a business in effectively attracting a lead’s attention. It also aids in increasing customer retention. Good service makes it possible for an organization to distinguish itself from its competitors. When customers are provided with exceptional service, it leads to an increase in the degree of customer happiness. Happy customers are often loyal customers. Hence, in addition to creating quality products, outstanding customer service also plays a defining role in building brand loyalty.

Customer loyalty is a positive consequence of quality service. A company that is looking to create a loyal customer base must adopt a customer centric culture. Constant emphasis needs to be laid on improvement of the service process. Superior products will fail to create an impact if the services rendered are substandard in quality.

Below are a few tips for enhancing the service process which will ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty.

Deliver promises on time

In order to attain customer loyalty, the first step that a business needs to take is build trust amongst its customers. A customer will begin to have faith in your brand when you start acting on the promises you made. Never make false claims during any stage of the customer lifecycle. If a company representative has made certain statements, he should make sure that he is living up to those words. Failed promises lead to dissatisfaction and may bring down your customer base.

Show appreciation

When a business acknowledges and appreciates its customers, it greatly helps in boosting customer loyalty. Make your customers feel valued by providing a unique experience every time they contact your business. You can offer discounts, freebies, an extended trial period, etc. to make them feel appreciated. Another great way of showing gratitude to your customers is by including their experience and stories in the company newsletter. Give customers credit for your success and make them the hero of your brand story.

Follow up

Every customer needs to be given equal attention. Along with catering to the needs of prospective customers, addressing the needs of existing customers is equally important. Communicate with the customers post purchase. You can either conduct surveys or ask for direct feedback from your customers. Gather information about the experience they are having with your product and offer suggestions to maximize satisfaction.

Implement feedback

Regularly collecting customer feedback enables businesses to create a superior product. Keep a close watch on customer comments and suggestions. Careful analysis of customer feedback can provide a business with valuable insights. Considerable improvements can be made to the product/service with timely implementation of customer feedback.

Keep customers informed

The customers should be kept in loop about product related updates and features. Lack of information results in an increased number of doubts. Implement a systematic method for sharing relevant information with your customers. Design monthly newsletters, write a blog or create an effective email strategy for keeping customers aware about the details of your product/service and company.

Service excellence is directly proportional to the level of customer loyalty a brand is generating. Utilize the tips given above for improving service and building customer loyalty.

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