Four best ways to handle customer service complaints

A remarkable customer service system is vital for a company’s growth and understandably so. A negative customer experience will never work in a company’s favour. But, a positive response by the company’s customer service can balance the odds, and change the customer’s opinion. For that to happen it is important that the support agents handle customer service complaints in the best possible way.

Here are four tips on handling customer service complaints effectively


By accepting your fault (even when it is some other department’s) you will, at least partially, be successful in cooling down an aggrieved customer. Apologizing won’t rectify your company’s errors, but it will send a clear message to the customers – you are sincerely sorry for causing an unpleasant customer experience. Since, dealing with customer service complaints is a part of your job description, you will have to listen to everything that a customer has to say; even an offensive speech. After venting their frustration, the customers stand in a better position to listen to your proposed rectification solution.

Be Concerned

When addressing customer service complaints you don’t just have to ‘show’ your concern for the customers, but actually feel it. Asking them what exactly made their experience an unpleasant one can prove vital in improving it, and in changing their opinion about the company. By asking questions to the customers, you will get to know more about them and their experience with the company so far. With this knowledge you will find it much easier to rectify their issues.

Be a Good Listener

When listening to a customer’s opinions, make sure you pay all your attention to what he is saying. Minute details could carry the answers to your customer’s issues. You don’t need to defend yourself as the customer isn’t attacking you, but the company. Let your customer finish speaking first, and then respond in a way which clearly shows that you have been listening to him. These small things when performed the right way make for a good customer experience.

Ask Them What They Want

Usually, once the customer service complaints have been heard, support agents will always try to come up with the best possible ideas for solving these issues. But, rather than deciding on which is the best idea all on your own, you can always ask the customer what he wants first. In fact, you can suggest multiple solutions and let the customer decide which one he would like to go ahead with. This is way more convenient and effective.

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